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Barock 'n' Roll

ENSEMBLE MATHEUS OFFICIEL, directed by Jean-Christophe Spinosi.

Who said that Jimi Hendrix could not meet Antonio Vivaldi ? That Baroque music was trapped and not living? That Rock music was only created for the 70’s and for a Festival in Woodstock?

Music is universal, timeless and sacred. Music is addressed to all people and doesn’t know any border; in particular between the different musical styles; it means that Rock music and Baroque music are not far apart from each other.

Sceptics might have doubts about this joyful mix of styles. Musicians might also have doubts but not Jean-Christophe Spinosi who doesn't care about these musical diktats.

By creating his Barock’n’Roll program, the impetuous conductor doesn't only propose a simple «revisit» of the Classical repertoire. With the Matheus Ensemble, he questions the place and the codes of the Baroque music on the current musical stage and he claims for a new way of thinking and of listening to music.

Always attentive to sharing, with as many people as possible, his passion and his musical adventures, Jean-Christophe Spinosi and his Matheus Ensemble are very happy to perform this program in Valetta.‎

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Saturday, January 12

Teatru Manoel