The Myth - latest single ‘Tonight

Hekk Alla Jgħinni

All factors lead to a common ground, giving us a clear indication that the village in which our story unfolds is located in Malta. The locality where the village feast is a predominant event in the yearly calendar. Where the Band Clubs, have a leading role in the heart of the society. Where individuals give their utmost to prove that their party is the best and cannot be beaten. Where the good spiritual shepherd is an icon. Every criteria matches a typical Maltese character; the same Maltese people that considered Paul of Tarsus an accursed man as soon as a viper bit him, but immediately changed their mind and made him a god-like figure. 

In our story, a god is created but soon betrayed and forgotten as time goes by. Everything shows that this story happens in Malta as politics are mentioned anytime and anywhere. However, there are subjects that are considered as universal, found all over the planet, like Love and Treason. There are stories that we are fed up of listening, those which scandalise us but nonetheless intrigue us…the same intriguing instinct that enhances us to repeat and re-enact the story of the Crucified all over again.

Dates and Times: 
Saturday, 13 April 8:00pm 
Sunday, 14 April 8:00pm 
Tuesday, 16 April 8:00pm
Wednesday, 17 April 8:00pm
Friday, 19 April 10:30am
Sqturday, 20 t'April 8:00pm

Venue: Spazju Kreattiv Theatre
Price: €16