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Macbeth - Unifaun Theatre Productions

Teatru Manoel presents an exciting new production of one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies.  

Shakespeare's masterpiece tragedy about ambition comes back to Malta in this wonderful production.  Victorious from battle, heroic Macbeth allows three witches to feed his inner darkness and ambition so that he commits regicide and becomes king.  Egged on by his wife, Macbeth commits this atrocious act while the king is resting inside his castle.  To keep power, Macbeth becomes  blood thirsty, leaving a trail of blood anywhere he goes.  The opposition finally unites with the English forces and Macbeth is defeated.

Directed by Clive Judd


Macbeth              Mikhail Basmadjian
Lady Macbeth     Erica Muscat
Macduff               Chris Dingli
Lady Macduff      Daniela Carabott Pawley 
The Sisters         Naomi Knight, Julia Camilleri, Sacha Calleja
Duncan               Jes Camilleri
Malcolm              Aaron Fenech 
Donallbain           Alex Weenink
Rosse                  Antonella Axisa 
Lennox                Brendon Thearle
Banquo               Jonathan Dunn 
The Chorus: 
Annalise Abela, Ronald Briffa, Leah Grech, Antonella Mifsud, Matteo Mifsud, Franco Sciberras

Produced in collaboration with Unifaun Theatre Productions  and partially funded the Arts Council Malta

DATES: 15, 16, 17, 18 March 2019
VENUE: Teatru Manoel

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