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Call for Actors Unique opportunity to participate in Good Friday re-enactment show

LIVE MA’ ĠESU’ – Good Friday 2020

Louie' Noir has been established for these last past years, and during these years it organized several modelling competitions and drama productions including shows, musicals, comic drama, and also Good Friday pageants.

In all its productions, Louie’ Noir always searched for modern innovation so that all families will benefit from such unique talented shows including talents like ballet, hip hop, break dancers, real animals, fire jugglers, stilt walkers and more.  Furthermore, Louie’ Noir has always given opportunity to new faces and local talents.

This time round, Louie’ Noir is giving the opportunity for all those interested to participate in the Good Friday procession in a unique and different way.

This opportunity is being given to all those interested to participate and act in a Good Friday re-enactment show for the coming year 2020 at Montekristo.

For this show, Louie’ Noir is looking for a good number of persons interested to participate.  Ages should be from sixteen years and over.  No acting experience needed.

All those interested kindly contact Louie’ Noir on 7946 7258 or email 

A meeting with further information will be held for all those who will apply for this unique opportunity.