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Dr. Thomas Charles Craig, Séance

Dr. Thomas Charles Craig: Séance is a one-hour live, interactive, theatrical experience that blends historical fact, psychological illusion, misdirection, and history into a seamless and unforgettable supernatural audience adventure. 

This show is not a Haunted House experience. There are no tricks. Instead, the show presents a sophisticated and thought provoking insight into the world of the Victorian Séance. The unique blend of audience participation, multimedia projection, and story-telling, all make for an evening in which even the most cynical of non-believers will question the validity of their beliefs.

Dates : 31st October, 1,2,3rd November
Genre : Halloween/ Séance Theatre Experience 
Location : Sala San Duminku, Merchants Street Valletta ( The Crypt) 
Duration : 1 hr
website :